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Paper and Books

Jack Robertson
A friend recently commented to me that she enjoys the feel of books' paper pages as a tactile treat -- even though so many millions of pages have been converted to digital facsimiles and can be readily accessed via the Internet.  The case in point was John P. Foley's Jeffersonian Cyclopedia, originally published in 1900 and reprinted in 1967.  There is a fulltext and keyword searchable version of the Cyclopedia created at the University of Virginia's Etext Center available at this web address.  You can do some useful and interesting things with the online version, and of course you do not have to own or have access to a physical copy.  If by chance you do own a copy of the original 1900 publication, then treasure it:  not only for its tactile page turning qualities, but also because it may be worth at least several hundred dollars -- as documented in
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