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Something to do this weekend

From our Director of Adult Education:

Local authors and historians Coy Barefoot and Rick Britton will be discussing and signing their new Jefferson books at Monticello’s new Thomas Jefferson Visitor Center and Smith Education Center . Britton’s book, Jefferson: A Monticello Sampler, explores Jefferson’s unbounded curiosity and his eclectic nature, while Barefoot’s, Thomas Jefferson on Leadership: Executive Lessons from His Life and Letters, presents valuable and timeless life lessons from one of America’s most important and influential leaders. Both books are published by Mariner Publishing of Buena Vista, Virginia. Best-selling author Coy Barefoot is Director of Communications at U.VA.’s Sorenson Institute for Political Leadership and host of WINA’s talk radio program “Charlottesville—Right Now!” Rick Britton, a historical journalist, map artist, and interpreter, has written and published on Jefferson and Monticello for more than a dozen years.

That'll be this Saturday, December 6, starting at 2pm, in the new Museum Shop at the Visitor Center - just make like you're going to Monticello (and if you want to visit the house while you're at it, we won't stand in your way!), park in the visitor parking area (free), and head to your left when you reach the Visitor Center.  The event is free, too.


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A short read but very worth it. Thanks for sharing all the resource link.
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