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What make of car would Jefferson drive?

What make of car would Jefferson drive?


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Easy. 1985 Dodge Diplomat (bicentennial edition).
Lady Ambrosia (not verified)
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Why do you think he would have only one car? He'd have several. 1) A Jeep - handy for getting around the farm fields 2) A BMW convertible - sexy muscle car that is fun to drive on the long trips to D.C., Philadelphia, and New York. 3) A SmartCar - it's neat and might be fun to tinker with
UVA grad (not verified)
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Who cares? Now what would Jefferson have thought of Obama's speech in Turkey? (particularly the references to subjects near and dear to Jefferson's heart)
scott (not verified)
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We have to remember he believed in the farmers and was a farmer, a ford (truck, of course) just makes perfect sense!
IdahoHistoryTeacher (not verified)
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Hybrid definately! TJ was an idealist who believed in purity of America and it's government!
LibertyStudents (not verified)
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It would definately be between Ford and GM, mainly because they are American made vehicles and Thomas Jefferson would have supported american companies. GM's are Luxury vehicles and Ford are for work, so he definately would have had a Ford F350 because he was a farmer and he supported the farmers and not a GM that would break down every day.
CountryBoyKass (not verified)
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Jefferson was an experimenter - he'd definitely have a hybrid or an electric, probably that he designed himself. He might have started with a traditional car (and then I'd agree, if he bought a car, he'd buy American made), but he would have redesigned it to better work for today's situation. He'd be constantly tinkering with it to try to make it run more efficiently.
Jennie W (not verified)
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Someone suggested to me that Jefferson might enjoy having a little Citroën to tinker with.
CAW (not verified)
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Hybrid- With his mind, I wouldn't be surprised if one could dig up some old plans/designs suggesting his move towards something more modern than his original ride anyways!
jtrotter12000 (not verified)
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