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Read what Monticello staff members and guest authors have to say about Jefferson, Monticello, and how they experience Jefferson's experiment every day.

Music in the Parlor, detail from illustration by Gail McIntosh
Dancing, Thomas Jefferson wrote, “is a healthy exercise, elegant and very attractive for young...More >>
A couple of years ago, while I was on my way up to a meeting at Monticello, I was walking by one of...More >>
Visitors view the Betty Hemings Site.
First Archaeology Workshop Tours Monticello Mountain Monticello’s archaeologists hosted the first...More >>
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Smithsonian Gardens Horticulturist Erin Clark amending the soil.
In January 2012 the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture (NMAAHC),...More >>
Rinsed and ready for the pot.
Time for the May installment of our monthly series in which we post a recipe from The Virginia...More >>
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Food and drink
Mulberry Row
Let’s begin with what Mulberry Row wasn’t. It was not a long line of slave cabins standing in the...More >>
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Mulberry Row
Peter Hatch
Before Peter Hatch’s arrival more than thirty years ago, Monticello was extolled as great...More >>
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Gardens, Research
I’ve spent the last several months going through the library’s files, neatening things up,...More >>
Peter G. Peterson
Prepared Remarks at Celebration of Thomas Jefferson’s 268th Birthday Charlottesville, Virginia...More >>
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Jefferson Today
The translation of selected works of Jefferson into Arabic was inspired by Professor Juan Cole at...More >>



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