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See what's currently in bloom at Monticello, follow previous seasons, find out more about the plants Jefferson cultivated here as well as ones that grow natively. And don't forget to visit the Outdoor and Garden section of The Shop at Monticello! trace affiliate link | FILA FX-100 White Blue ,...
Employment Opportunities at Monticello – View and Apply Here Internships (Summer 2019) – View and Apply Here Monticello Internship FAQ Volunteer Opportunities —The Thomas Jefferson Foundation is looking to grow our dedicated team of volunteers. We welcome volunteers in several areas including our...
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Monticello's Grove
Following dinner, Thomas Jefferson, his family, and their guests might have spent a cool evening enjoying the gardens of Monticello. A Family Affair The flower gardens captivated the family's interest, and Jefferson's daughters and granddaughters worked the plots themselves, often with the help of...
Prince Albert Pea with blossom
Peas Come to Table Among the vegetables in Thomas Jefferson's garden was the English pea, considered to be his favorite. He grew fifteen types of the English pea, and his frequent jottings on the vegetable in his Garden Book suggest that he paid particular attention to it, happily noting when "peas...
'Tennis Ball' Lettuce growing in Monticello's Vegetable Garden
After inspecting the shops on Mulberry Row, Jefferson might have toured his gardens and farms. The vegetable and fruit gardens lay just south of Mulberry Row and were surrounded by a ten-foot high wooden (or "paling") fence. Designed to keep deer and other foragers out, the boards were placed "so...



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