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Few horticultural practices are as misunderstood as pruning, particularly for shrubs and trees. Join CHP’s Operations Manager Brian Hartsock in the Tufton Farm gardens for this two-hour workshop and learn the proper pruning techniques for woody ornamentals that flower on new wood.
“Father of Virginia Wine” Gabriele Rausse will discuss the basic principles of grape growing and provide beginning grape growers a foundation in serious viticulture. A tour of the Monticello vineyard will follow his presentation.
Saturday, March 10, 2018 - 1:00pm to 3:00pm Skill at grafting is the true mark of gardening expertise, but it’s also easy to learn and fun to do. Monticello Fruit Gardener Jessica Bryars will lead this workshop designed for the novice propagator. Bring a proper grafting knife and a pair of hand...
Vinegar was an integral ingredient in Jefferson-family recipes. Most are unaware of the rich traditions of using vinegar, translated as “sour wine,” in cooking, in food preservation and as a wholesome beverage. Gabriele Rausse will review vinegar-making basics and teach how to use it with...



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