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Postcard Contest

A partnership between Monticello and HISTORY® in 2014

Calling all teachers and students! Monticello and HISTORY® invite you to participate in an art-based project that encourages students to connect Thomas Jefferson with their hometown.  The contest includes $10,000 in prize money and a chance to see your work featured on Monticello’s website.  

Winners Announced! See the Gallery of Winning Entires »

Postcard Theme

Sample postcard by Henry, age 10, featuring Jefferson writing the Declaration.

Submit an original handmade postcard addressing the following theme:  While Thomas Jefferson lived over two hundred years ago, we believe he is still relevant today.  Look around your hometown to see if you can find these influences.  How do you see the influence of Thomas Jefferson in your hometown?  Maybe your state was included in the Louisiana Purchase, or your town was a stop for the Lewis and Clark Expedition.  Or maybe you have a street or school named after him.  You might even see an expression of Jefferson’s ideals in your hometown.  It might be things that remind you of the Declaration of Independence or Jefferson’s work on the Virginia Statute of Religious Freedom.  Illustrate this connection through words or pictures.

All Submissions Must

  • Fit the theme
  • Be appropriate for all audiences
  • Include a description or explanation of how your image fits the theme
  • Measure no more than 5 to 6 inches long and 3.5 to 4.25 inches high
  • Be authored by only one student (not the product of group work)
  • Sample postcard by Hugh, age 9, featuring Martha Jefferson HospitalInclude the following information:
    • Student Name and Grade
    • School Name
    • School Address
    • Teacher Name
    • Teacher Email


All submissions must be received by Wednesday, May 1, 2013 (deadline extended).


Mail your postcard to:

Thomas Jefferson Foundation
ATTN: Postcard Contest
P.O. Box 316
Charlottesville, VA 22902

Or send an electronic submission to with the subject line “Postcard Contest.”



Senior Category

Sample postcard by Susan, age 15, showing the Gateway Arch in St. Louis, MO.

7th grade-12th grade
The Jefferson Cup: Two $500 prize winners
The Discovery Corps Award: Four $400 prize winners
Monticello Special Mention: Four $350 prize winners 

Junior Category

4th grade-6th grade

The Jefferson Cup: Two $500 prize winners
The Discovery Corps Award: Four $400 prize winners
Monticello Special Mention: Four $350 prize winners

Elementary Category

Pre-K – 3rd grade

The Jefferson Cup: Two $250 prize winners
The Discovery Corps Award: Four $150 prize winners
Monticello Special Mention: Four $100 prize winners

Teacher Appreciation Awards

In recognition for their efforts, two teachers will receive $250 each for use in their classroom library fund or field trip fund.

Judging and Rubric

Winners of the postcard contest will be decided by a panel of judges representing the Thomas Jefferson Foundation and HISTORY®.  Entries will be judged by relevance to the theme, creativity, and strength of message.


rourkee's picture
Is there going to be a contest for 2014? We just finished studying Jefferson, and after exploring the activities on this site I had my students do this assignment for fun:) They are all hoping you are doing it again so I can submit their work for something other than a grade! It was a lot of fun for them (and me), and a great way for me to differentiate.
Mrs. Rourke
Jacqueline's picture
Thanks for your question! While there aren't currently plans to host another postcard contest this year, we'd love it if your students still wanted to send us their completed projects. If you include your class's contact info, I'm sure we can find a special something to send in recognition of their efforts. (Jefferson's grandkids were rewarded with dried fruit for winning footraces, but I promise to do better than that!)
Jacqueline Langholtz
astudstill's picture
Thank you everyone for your excitement about the Monticello and HISTORY® postcard contest. We received over 1200 amazing entries into the postcard contest! Winners have been notified via mail and email and we will have digital submissions on this page soon. Thank you again!
Anna Studstill
jumpypretzelgirl's picture
When will the winners be announced? We're so excited!
jumpypretzelgirl (not verified)
jumpypretzelgirl's picture
Is it too late to send a submission?
jumpypretzelgirl (not verified)
Michelle Cooper's picture
Can I scan my picture on computer and send it electronically? I used crayons to create my postcard.
Michelle Cooper
Cristina's picture
How do we submit electronically? Thanks!
astudstill's picture
We're so excited about this contest we have decided to extend the deadline until May 1st! We've already received a lot of great entries all the way from Oregon to Florida!
Anna Studstill


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