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Related Books for Students and Teachers


Early Readers:

Adler, David. A Picture Book of Sacajawea. New York: Holiday House, 2000.

Albers, Everett C. Lewis and Clark Journey Animals ABC Book: As Told by Seaman the Dog. Bismarck: United Printing and Mailing, Inc., 1999.

Albers, Everett C. Lewis and Clark Meet the American Indians: As Told by Seaman the Dog. Bismarck: United Printing and Mailing Inc., 1999.

Copeland, Peter F. The Lewis and Clark Expedition Coloring Book. Dover Press, 1983.

Ages 6-9:

Cobblestone Magazine. "The Lewis and Clark Expedition, 1804-1806" edition. Volume One, Number Nine, September 1980.

Fifer, Barbara. Going Along With Lewis and Clark. Montana Magazine Paperback, 2000.

Von Steenwyk, Elizabeth. My Name is York. Northland Publishing, 2000.

Ages 9-12:

Betts, Robert B. In Search of York. University of Oklahoma Press, 2000.

Bowen, Andy Russell. The Back of Beyond: A Story About Lewis and Clark. The Lerner Publishing Group, 2000.

Blumberg, Rhoda. The Incredible Journey of Lewis and Clark. New York: Beech Tree Books, 1995.

Gunderson, Mary. Cooking on the Lewis and Clark Expedition: Exploring History through Simple Recipes. Blue Earth Books, 2000.

Herbert, Janis. Lewis and Clark for Kids: Their Journey of Discovery with 21 Activities. Chicago Review Press, 2000.

Lourie, Peter. On the Trail of Sacagawea. Boyd Mills Press, 2001.

Schanzer, Rosalyn. How We Crossed the West: The Adventures of Lewis and Clark. Simon & Schuster Trade, 2002.

Stein, Richard Conrad. Lewis and Clark. New York: Children's Press, 1997.

Sullivan, George. In Their Own Words: Lewis and Clark. Scholastic, Inc., 2000.

Young Adult:

Jackson, Donald. Thomas Jefferson & the Stony Mountains: Exploring the West from Monticello. University of Oklahoma Press, 1993.

Lewis, Meriwether., ed. Bernard DeVoto, et all. The Journals of Lewis and Clark. New York: Houghton Mifflin, 1997.

Morley, Jacqueline. Across America: The Story of Lewis and Clark. Grolier Publishing, 1999.

Moulton, Gary E., ed. The Journals of the Lewis and Clark Expedition. Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press, 1988.

Ronda, James P. Jefferson's West: A Journey with Lewis and Clark. Thomas Jefferson Foundation, 2001.



Cutright, Paul Russell. Lewis and Clark: Pioneering Naturalists. (Includes 3 Appendixes: Plants Discovered by Lewis and Clark, Animals Discovered by Lewis and Clark, and Locations of Lewis and Clark Journals, Maps and Related Materials). University of Nebraska Press, 1989.

Jackson, Donald. Letters of Lewis and Clark. (2 volumes) University of Illinois Press. 2000.

MacGregor, Carol Lynn, ed. The Journals of Patrick Gass: Member of the Lewis and Clark Expedition. Mountain Press, 1998.

Rhonda, James P. Lewis and Clark Among the Indians. University of Nebraska Press, 1995. Second edition due June 2002.

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