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English Daisy

Bellis perennis

English Daisy was well established as a garden flower in America by 1700, and was known by a number of common names, including Bone Flower, Herb Margaret, and Measure of Love. In 1771, Jefferson listed English Daisy for planting in the "Open Ground on the West" with other hardy perennials and ornamental shrubs.

Growing wild in English lawns, English Daisies are short-lived in warmer climates where they are usually grown as annuals. Growing to about six inches high, they show small double daisies in shades of red, pink, and white.

Growth Type: 
White, Pink, Reds
Hardiness Zones: 
Zone 8, Zone 7, Zone 6, Zone 5, Zone 4
Location at Monticello: 
East Lawn
Planting Conditions: 
Part Shade
Blooming History: 
2002 Apr 1 to 2002 May 202003 May 23 to 2003 Jul 252004 May 1 to 2004 May 252005 May 11 to 2005 Jun 242006 Jun 2 to 2006 Jun 302007 Apr 30 to 2007 May 152008 May 15 to 2008 Jul 252011 Apr 28 to 2011 May 152012 Mar 26 to 2012 May 242014 Mar 22 to 2014 May 31
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