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Galanthus nivalis
Ellen Randolph wrote her grandfather in 1808 from Edgehill, a neighboring estate: "The third of April snow drops bloomed, you have none but I will give you mine if you want them, and have them set out in your garden when we go to Monticello." April 3 is very late for this white-blossoming bulb, often the first flower of the season, and it seems possible that Ellen's "snow drops" were instead what we now call "snowflake," Leucojum sp.. (from Thomas Jefferson's Flower Garden at Monticello by Edwin M. Betts)A native of Europe and Western Asia, the Snowdrop's lovely bell-shaped, white flowers are often tipped with green. Snowdrops prefers shade and cool, moist soil and grow up to eight inches.
Growth Type: 
Hardiness Zones: 
Zone 4, Zone 5, Zone 6, Zone 7, Zone 8
Location at Monticello: 
West Front
Planting Conditions: 
Full Sun
Blooming History: 
2002 Feb 14 to 2002 Mar 72003 Feb 28 to 2003 Mar 212004 Feb 20 to 2004 Mar 222005 Feb 9 to 2005 Mar 222006 Mar 1 to 2006 Mar 312007 Feb 16 to 2007 Mar 282008 Feb 11 to 2008 Mar 242009 Feb 17 to 2009 Mar 272010 Feb 22 to 2010 Mar 252011 Feb 16 to 2011 Mar 162012 Feb 7 to 2012 Mar 192013 Feb 25 to 2013 Mar 262015 Mar 9 to 2015 Apr 12016 Feb 26 to 2016 Mar 212017 Feb 1 to 2017 Mar 3
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