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Daily Life: 1810 and Later

November 1810: "The batteau with 8 hands collecting rock for the dam on the mountain side...brings about 6. loads a day."

August 1812: "3 men & 3. lads get 550. bolts of stave timber for flour barrels in a day.
"Pd. Davy [Hern] for a kiln of 974. bush. coal, to wit 33. bushels to the cord 1.64 @ .05." Hern was paid a premium according to the average number of bushels of charcoal he could extract per cord of wood.

September 1814: "Began to malt wheat.  A bushel will make 8. or 10. gallons of strong beer."

August 1814: "Our Spinning Jennies work from 24. to 40. spindles each.... 2. oz. of cotton for each spindle is a moderate days work.
"The threshing machine [an example pictured below]... gets out 170. b[ushels] a day, working as in ordinary, with 5. or 6. horses."

October 1814: "The treble geared [threshing] machine at Lego got out 66. bushels [wheat] in a day, with 3. horses & 2 mules."

August 1816: "Wormly [Hughes] exp[enses] to Richmd. for Nice wine 2.D[ollars].  Recd. back from Wormly .25."

August 1817: "I have now set Mr. Goodman's force to riving and dressing ready to put up, and mean that they shall always get and dress the timber, so that Barnaby [Gillette] and the other two with him shall do nothing but set up [flour barrels].  I count on their setting up ready for delivery from 90. to 100. a week."

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