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Thomas and Jemima Woodson

Lewis Woodson (1806-1878), a teacher and minister in Pittsburgh

The descendants of Thomas and Jemima Woodson have been an important part of the Getting Word project because of an enduring family tradition that links them to Monticello.  According to their family history, passed down through a number of different branches, Thomas Woodson was the son of Sally Hemings and Thomas Jefferson.  While descent from Jefferson is not supported by genetic testing and a documented connection to Monticello has not been found, the Woodsons and the Getting Word project continue to pursue research to learn about this family and its history.

Thomas and Jemima Woodson helped to found a thriving farming community in Jackson County, Ohio, and the whole family was very active in the Underground Railroad.  Their eleven children included five teachers and three ministers.  Their descendants, many of them leaders in the fields of education, religion, business, and the military, include:

Lewis Woodson's granddaughter Caroline McGuire Wiley (1842-1913), her husband Thomas Wiley (1840-1913), and son James Garfield Wiley (1882-1958)

Lt. (later Col.) James T. Wiley (1918-2000), Getting Word participant, winner of the Air Medal in World War II (left)

Sarah Woodson (1825-1907), an Oberlin College graduate, was the first African-Am

General King's grandfather Benjamin F. Woodson (1845-1912) and his extended family

Gen. John Q. T. King, Getting Word participant

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