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Latest Edition: Spring 2016
Lead Aritcle: Nation Divided Over Presidential Election

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Most of the images of on this website are available for reproduction. To request a photo for use in an online or print publication, please contact Mia Magruder Dammann.

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Monticello has a selection of video for use in productions. To request video for use online or in a production, please contact Mia Magruder Dammann.


The Monticello Newsroom is your resource tool for new and information about Monticello and the Thomas Jefferson Foundation, the nonprofit foundation that owns and operates Monticello.

News Releases

Monticello introduces new, Hamilton-themed tour
March 31, 2017

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Expert Interviews

From the life and legacy of Thomas Jefferson to his home Monticello, to information on slavery, gardening, and even wine, the Thomas Jefferson Foundation is home to a number of world-renowned scholars and experts.

Contact Mia Magruder Dammann to set up an interview or request information from an expert.

Additional Resources

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Visitor Information
Biography of Thomas Jefferson
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Slavery at Monticello
Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemings

July 4th at Monticello
Media Kit

Story Ideas

There's always something new and exciting happening at Monticello.

Foundation Events
Preservation and Conservation
Thomas Jefferson, "America's First Foodie"
Jefferson and Wine
Jefferson, the Revolutionary Gardener
"Going Green," Yesterday and Today
Jefferson, Prophet of Education


Public Relations, Onsite Filming,
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Mia Magruder Dammann
(434) 984-7596

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and Contracts:
Brandon Pennington
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Kathryn Goodson
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