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From Thomas Jefferson's papers, Monticello researchers have compiled the following primary source references to cherries.

Primary Source References

Undated. (Mary Randolph). "LEMONADE ICED. Make a quart of rich lemonade, whip the whites of six fresh eggs to a strong froth—mix them well with the lemonade, and freeze it. The juice of morello cherries, or currants mixed with water and sugar, make very delicate ices."1

Undated. (Jane Blair Cary Smith). "Led by Mr. Jefferson, who climbed the cherry trees and threw into our aprons and hats the luscious bunches of cherries ...."2

Undated. "Cherries dried. May or Sugar 11 lbs. Morella 15 do. Kentish 2 do. Black 1-3/4 do. 30 lbs."3

1770 [c. March 1]. "Plant raspberries—gooseberries—currans—strawberries—asparagus—artichokes—fill up trees—sow grass—henhouse—cherry tree—Lucerne—road—waggoning wood and sand—lop cherry trees."4

1772 May 31. "Mrs. Jefferson’s receipts & paiments ... Pd. for cherries 3¾d."5

1774 May 14. (Martha Wayles Skelton Jefferson). "eat cherries at monticello."6

1784 April 5. "Pd. ... 5 qts. bottled cherries 10/."7

1816 March 5. (Jefferson to James Barbour). "I send however cuttings of the Carnation cherry so superior to all others that no other deserves the name of cherry."8

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