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No article yet exists on this topic, but Monticello researchers have compiled primary source references to cherries.

Primary Source References [1]

Undated. (Mary Randolph). "Lemonade Iced. Make a quart of rich lemonade, whip the whites of six fresh eggs to a strong froth--mix them well with the lemonade, and freeze it. Other Fruits. The juice of morello cherries..."[2]

Undated. (Jane Blair Cary Smith). "Led by Mr. Jefferson, who climbed the cherry trees and threw into our aprons and hats the luscious bunches of cherries..."[3]

Undated. "Cherries dried. May or Sugar 11 lbs. Morella 15 do. Kentish 2 do. Black 1-3/4 do. 30 lbs."[4]

1774 May 14. (Martha Wayles Skelton Jefferson). "Eat cherries at Monticello."[5]

1816 March 5. (Jefferson to James Barbour). "I send however cuttings of the Carnation cherry so superior to all others that no other deserves the name of cherry."[6]


  1. Please note that this list should not be considered comprehensive.
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