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Frederick Hatch

Frederick Hatch was an Episcopal minister in Charlottesville, Virginia. He gave services in the county courthouse until an Episcopal church was built in 1824. Hatch ran a school that Thomas Jefferson's grandsons, Benjamin Franklin Randolph, Meriwether Lewis Randolph, and James Madison Randolph attended. Jefferson himself donated money for a house for Mr. Hatch.1 Martha Jefferson Randolph reportedly went to Hatch's services.2

Frederick Hatch presided over Thomas Jefferson's funeral service.

Primary Source References

1820 February 20. "I subscribe 20.D. a year to the Revd. Mr. Hatch."3

1820 October 24. "Gave Alexr. Garrett ord. on I. Raphael for 20.D. my sbscrptn. Mr. Hatch."4

1821 March 13. "Entered Ben and Lewis with Mr. Hatch and gave him an order on B. Peyton for 50.D. being half a year's tuition fees."5

1821 October 2. "Gave ord. on Wolfe & Raphael for 20.D. favr. A. Garrett for my subscription to Mr. Hatch for the current year."6

1821 December 8. "Inclosed to Revd. Mr. Hatch 20.D. as an Aid in building his house."7

1823 February 4. "James, Ben & Lewis enter & begin with Mr. Hatch @ 50.D. a year each."8

1823 February 13. "Drew on Jacobs & Raphael in favor of ... Revd. Mr. Hatch 100.D."9

1823 March 21. "Mar. statements of debts ... Hatch 75. Aug. 4."10

1823 October 10. "Pd. F. Hatch half year's tuition of James, Ben & Lewis 75.D."11

1824 February 12. "Gave Mr. Hatch order on Raphael for 20.D. annual sbscrptn."12

1824 October 29. "Drew on Jacobs & Raphael ... in favr. Mr. Hatch 60.D. for 3. tuitions due (as he states) June 19. 24."13

1825 January 27. "Drew on Jacobs & Raphael in favor of Mr. Hatch for 60.D. This is for tuition of Jas. B. & L. Randolph to Dec. 31."14

1825 March 16. "Drew on Raphael in favr. Mr. Hatch 20.D. my sbscription. to Feb. 25. 25."15

1825 July 6. "Drew on Raphael in favr. Mr. Hatch for 40 D. last half year's tuition of Ben & Lewis."16

1827 January 5. (Joseph Coolidge to Nicholas Philip Trist). "Mother is quite spoiled by the Boston preaching, and dreads the necessity of listening to Mr Hatch after Greenwood, & Ware, & Channing!"17

- References compiled by Lucia Stanton, 4/95

Jefferson-Hatch Correspondence

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