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Joinery Cabinet

Joinery Cabinet. Thomas Jefferson Foundation, Inc.Artist/Maker: Unspecified

Created: Unknown

Origin/Purchase: Monticello Joinery

Materials: walnut and poplar

Dimensions: 57.1 × 57.8 × 20.3 (22 1/2 × 22 3/4 × 8 in.)

Location: South Square Room

Provenance: Septimia Anne Randolph Meikleham; by descent to Mrs. H.P. Meikleham; by bequest to the Thomas Jefferson Foundation in 1957

Accession Number: 1938-3

Historical Notes: A descendant reported that this small cabinet was made in the Monticello joinery to hold dolls' clothes for Septimia Anne Randolph, one of Jefferson's granddaughters. The interior contains two shelves with edges ornamented by a scratch-molded double bead. The glazed door, with four panes, has sash moulding that is similar to the treatment on the petit-format bookcase in the collection of the Winterthur Museum. A concealed hole for a staple reveals that the cabinet was intended to be wall mounted.

- Text from Stein, Worlds, 296

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