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Martin Dawson

Martin Dawson (1772-1835) was the youngest of nine children of John and Sarah Carroll Dawson. He was born at the family home near Faber's Mills in Nelson County, not far from the Albemarle County line. When he came of age, he moved to Milton, in Albemarle County, and became connected with Brown, Rives, & Company. After amassing a considerable fortune, he moved his business from Milton to Scottsville. From 1808 until his death, Dawson was a county magistrate. He was also one of the first school commissioners in Albemarle County. He never married.

Dawson lived in Milton until 1822, when he purchased and moved into Bellair, the former home of Charles Wingfield, Jr., on the Hardware River near Carter's Bridge. In the late 1820s, he became president of the Rivanna Navigation Company, created by the Virginia General Assembly to develop a channel near where the Rivanna River meets the James.1 In his will, he freed his slaves and left them each $200 to start a new life. He also left a tract of land to the University of Virginia, and money for the foundation of three free public schools, two in Albemarle County and one in Nelson County. To do this, the money was transferred to the Literary Fund of Virginia, a constitutionally created fund to build public schools in the state.

Thomas Jefferson's relationship with Dawson was primarily financial. He was not Jefferson's chief supplier, but he did supply Jefferson with staples from time to time. Dawson also bought 256 acres of land from Jefferson below Milton in 1817, land that Jefferson had bought in 1801.2

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Primary Source References

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1803 September 17. "Pd. Martin Dawson for Fontrees for a horse bot."5

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1812 June 1. "Drew ord. on Gibson & Jefferson in favr. Martin Dawson for 176.92 in full of his account."24

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1815 October 22. "Bought a mule 4. y. old of Jesse Abell of Kentucky and gave him an order on Watson & Dawson for 80.D."30

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1822 October 16. "Accepted do. in favor Martin Dawson for 80. payable June 1."44

1823 March 21. "1823. Mar. statement of debts ... Dawson Martin (for E. Bacon) 80."45

1824 February 13. "Gave Martin Dawson ord. on Bern. Peyton for 120.73."46

1825 March 30. "Gave Martin Dawson ord. on Raphael 15.67 store acct."47

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