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Window Glass

Throughout the long building process for Monticello, and the building of Poplar Forest, Thomas Jefferson made multiple purchases of window glass. The following primary source references to window glass have been compiled by Monticello researchers.

Primary Source References

1768 May 7. "Gave The. Munford £10-5 = £8-4/ sterl. to lay out in best Crown glass and 150 yds. window line."1

1769 October 5. "Pd. storage for glass at Richmd. 2/."2

1774 October 10. "Wrote to James McDowell to have me 30 panes of glass of 9 by 11 cut to 9 by 10. & to send 200 panes of his 10 by 12 to Tuckahoe where Colo. Randolph will have it cut to 9 by 12."3

1792 November 27. "Gave Jos. Donath ord. on bank for 23.09 for 144 4/9 sq. feet of glass."4

1796 October 2. "Drew on Barnes in favr. Jos. Donath for 199.12 for glass."5

1796 December 4. "Desired Barnes to pay Donath balance of glass 20.25 D. also to pay Mussi for 2. boxes of oil."6

1802 March 8. "Analysis of expenditures from Mar. 4. 1801. to Mar. 4. 1802 ... building ... Donath. glass 9.63."7

1804 December 7. "Drew ord. on bk. US. in favr. Richd. Cutts for 15.15 for 2 plates glass from Boston."8

1806 February 5. "Paid Mr. Cutts for 3. sheets of glass 28.D."9

1809 February 6. "Thomas Munro. window glass of public 150.07." 10

1814. (Francis Gray). "... we were invited into the parlour ... a servant occupied in substituting a wooden pannel for a square of glass, which had been broken in one of the folding doors opening on the lawn. Mr. Jefferson had procured the glass for his house in Bohemia, where the price is so much the square foot whatever the size of the glass purchased, and these panes were so large that, unable to replace the square in this part of the country, he had been obliged to send to Boston to have some glass made of sufficient size to replace that broken, and this had not yet been received."11

1820 October 19. "Inclosed to Andrew Smith an ord. on B. Peyton for 68.78 with int. from June 18. 19. suppose 16. mo. = 5.42 [Total] 74.20."12


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