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America’s Security Alliances: What’s the Price, What are they Worth?

Free Space is limited
Montalto, home of the Robert H. Smith Center
Saturday, October 28, 2017 - 9:30am to 3:15pm

For over 150 years America avoided “entangling alliances.” Paradoxically, after WW II we became the world’s central builder of security alliances and were, and are, the essential element in holding together the major alliances of the early 21st Century. President Trump has raised fundamental questions about the current value of such alliances to the United States, a question echoed by many Americans. In a post-Cold-War world, do we need our security alliances? What alliances do we need and at what price? These are the subjects this  free, one-day conference will discuss.

The event will feature speakers who will highlight different perspectives on these issues, including a retrospective on the American approach to alliances from George Washington’s time to the eve of WW II.  The panel discussion between Ambassador Joe Mussomeli, Ambassador Bob Beecroft, and Ambassador Deborah McCarthy will cover alternative viewpoints of alliances, the risks we take by neglecting key security alliances, and the question of alliance risks outliving their usefulness, possible adjustments, and effective commitments.

The keynote address, Considering Alliances in Terms of America’s Place in the World – a Broader Look at the Theme of Leadership, will be delivered by Ambassador Richard Boucher, Assistant Secretary for South Asia, ambassador to Cyprus, and Deputy Secretary-General of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).

Registration opens September 1, 2017. Held at Montalto, home of the Robert H. Smith Center.  

Sponsored by the American Academy of Diplomacy and Monticello's Robert H. Smith International Center for Jefferson Studies.

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