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Fellows Forum - Cosmopolitan Vices: Thomas Jefferson and Angelica Schuyler Church

Berkeley Room, Jefferson Library
Wednesday, July 23, 2014 - 12:00pm to 1:00pm

Angelica Schyuler Church is a woman of paradox and mystery – an intimate friend of both Thomas Jefferson and her brother-in-law, Alexander Hamilton, an American patriot who spent the middle of her life in Europe, and a woman caught up in the intricacies of transatlantic finance and politics in the age of revolutions. Her husband John was at different times a commissary to the French army in America, a founder of the Bank of New York, and a Member of the British Parliament. Cutterham's talk seeks not only to write a biography, but to use the life an perspective of Angelica Church to explore gender, cosmopolitanism, finance, and high society; to see the international dimension of the new American republic though the eyes of an individual who lived that reality; and to open a new window on sex, money, and power in the revolutionary transatlantic world.

Tom Cutterham is the Sir Christopher Cox Junior Fellow at New College, Oxford University. He has recently completed a doctoral dissertation called “Gentlemen Revolutionaries: Power and Justice in the New American Republic, 1781-1787” and is now working on Angelica Schuyler Church, international law, and transatlantic finance networks. He is also a regular blogger for the Junto.


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