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Guidelines for Behind-the-Scenes Tours

Please arrive at Monticello at least 30 minutes prior to your scheduled tour time. (The time listed on your reservation and tickets is the time that you are to be at the East Walk, the area directly in front of Monticello where the house tour groups are formed.)

Accessibility and Children: Because the upper floors of Monticello can be reached only by steep, narrow stairs, this tour is not handicapped-accessible and is not recommended for individuals who may have difficulty climbing or descending as many as 75 stairs unassisted. Children must be able to climb and descend stairs unassisted by an adult. These tours are recommended for adults and children 7 and older.

Reservations and tickets are valid only on the date specified. There will be no refunds unless the tour is canceled by the Thomas Jefferson Foundation. All visitors, regardless of age, must have a ticket to take this tour.

Please see our Do's and Don'ts page for a complete list of guidelines for visiting Monticello.

Other Guidelines

  • Bags and Backpacks. No bags or backpacks exceeding 11" by 15" by 6" are allowed beyond the Shuttle Station.
  • In the House. Eating, drinking, chewing gum, and using tobacco products are prohibited in the house. Cell phones and other electronic devices must be turned off. Still photography, filming, and video recording are prohibited. Visitors are urged not to touch or lean on walls or furnishings.
  • On the Grounds. The West Lawn is open to visitors. Otherwise, visitors are asked to keep to the designated paths and trails while on the grounds. Smoking is not permitted near the House or its dependencies and terraces.
  • Photography. Still photography, filming, and video recording for personal use are permitted on the grounds of Monticello. No photography of any kind is allowed inside the house. 
  • Pets. Pets are allowed on the grounds if leashed. With the exception of certified service dogs, pets are not allowed in any buildings or on the shuttle buses. Visitors who bring pets are required to clean up after them. NOTE: Do not bring pets to Monticello on September 12, 2015, the day of the Heritage Harvest Festival unless they are certified service animals.
  • Smoking. Smoking is prohibited in all buildings, in the shuttle buses, and in the vicinity of the house. Smokers are asked to be careful with their matches, lighters, ashes, etc.

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