Sally Hemings


Did Jefferson Have Children with Sally Hemings

Dear Mr. Jefferson,
     My name is Chris Loller.  I would like to ask you a question.  
I was under the impretion that Thomas Jefferson had Black Children.
Is this true?  Please Write me back.

Thank You,

Dear Master Chris,

	You ask a most personal question when you ask if I have 
black children. I will tell you what I have told others who 
were as impertinent as yourself. Questions of a personal 
nature, whether based in fact or not, are not to be brought 
up in polite society. It is a most impolite question to be 
addressed, especially to someone to whom you have never been 
introduced. I do not think that it is any of your business, 
anymore than your conduct in your private life should be 
any of my business.


P.S. From Jefferson's scribe:  Thomas Jefferson never acknowledged
having had an affair with Sally Hemings. After recent DNA research 
it is generally considered a strong possibility that Jefferson 
fathered at least one, if not all of Sally Hemings' six children 
(only four of these children lived to adulthood). For more information 
on this topic please see the Monticello web site at:

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