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The Hemings family remains one of the best documented enslaved families in the United States. Decades of documentary research, archaeological analysis and oral histories of Hemings descendants provide related narratives of struggle, survival, and family bonds across generations. Their story echoes the history of race and slavery in America.

  • Note: this tour is not recommended for children under 12.

This 1.5 hour, small-group interactive tour explores Monticello using the stories of several members of the Hemings Family. Through their experiences, you will learn about the challenges they faced as they negotiated to maintain family ties and strove for freedom. The tour also highlights how the Hemingses straddled the color line, defying the stark racial dividing lines imposed in American slavery. Guests on tour are encouraged to share their own experiences and perspectives along the way. The tour includes dialogue about race and the legacies of slavery in the United States in a seated small group setting as well as exploration of the site through the lens of the Hemings family; this includes a fair amount of walking over uneven terrain.

Beginning on April 21, guests are no longer required to wear facial coverings at Monticello. Check out our Visiting FAQs to learn more about our efforts to make your visit safe and enjoyable.

The Life of Sally Hemings

A groundbreaking new digital exhibit that relies on the words of Sally Hemings’s and Thomas Jefferson’s son, Madison, to explore her life and the legacy of freedom she achieved for her family.

The Life of Sally Hemings

Daughter, mother, sister, aunt. Concubine. Negotiator. Liberator. Mystery.