The Monticello's Gardens and Grounds Department is removing dead trees in visitor areas and working on projects that cannot normally occur during normal visitor hours.

Other Projects

  • Planting 800 vines in the Montalto vineyard
  • Grafting and replanting much of the original 1984 vineyard with root stock of the same varieties planted by Jefferson in 1807. Gabriele Rausse will be teaching a class at PVCC walking students through the process of vine grafting.
  • Rebuilding sections of the historic vineyards
  • Clearing space for and installing the deer fence
  • Cleaning out the recreated Garden Nursery below the western end of the Vegetable Garden with the goal of returning it to a holding space for small trees that will eventually be planted in the orchard.
  • Planting spring vegetable and flower gardens. Lots of cabbages, broccolis, lettuces, peas, and tomatoes are going into the Vegetable Garden, and in the Flower Gardens poppies, larkspur, and other hardy annuals are being planted among the emerging tulips.
  • Removing the chicken wire from the flower beds – since Monticello is closed to the public, they are able to leave the electrified deer fence up all day, plugging it in after-hours
  • Removing trees and accomplishing other large projects using heavy equipment throughout the day
  • Annual aeration, reseeding, and renovation of the lawns.

The Saunders-Monticello Trail

  • Spreading mulch on the pathways in Secluded Farm to reduce run-off and control erosion
  • Spreading mulch around trees in the park and along the main trail
  • Working along stream banks to cut back thorny invasive plants
  • Clearing small trees and vines that have grown alongside the boardwalks
  • Power washing Trail boardwalks