House Tours

The centerpiece of any visit to Monticello is a tour the house designed and occupied by Thomas Jefferson.

Mulberry Row

Mulberry Row, the tree-lined road running alongside the main house, served as the industrial hub of the 5,000-acre Monticello plantation. Several slave quarters for people enslaved at Monticello also stood on this road.

South Wing

The South Wing connects the South Pavilion to the all-weather passage that runs under the main house and con­tained the post-1809 kitchen, cook’s room, smokehouse, living quarters for enslaved workers and the dairy.

North Wing

The icehouse, tack room, and bays for horses and carriages were located in the North Wing, which connects the passage under the house to the North Pavilion.

All-Weather Passage and Main House Basement

The lower levels of the North and South Wings of the House connect through the All-Weather Passage providing a protected access to the kitchens, basement and various storerooms, including the Wine Cellar. The area acted as Crossroads between the House and greater plantation.