The David M. Rubenstein Visitor Center and Smith Education Center serves as the 21st-century gateway to Jefferson's timeless Monticello, with multiple components that transform the visitor experience by preparing guests for their trips to the historic mountaintop through dynamic content presenting fresh perspectives on Monticello and the enduring significance of Jefferson's life and ideas.

Beginning on May 29, guests are strongly encouraged but no longer required to wear facial coverings at Monticello. Please check out our Visiting FAQs for more information.

Thomas Jefferson's World Film

This 7-minute visually rich introductory film explores Jefferson's ideas and accomplishments, especially his core concepts about liberty, and highlights Monticello's central importance to his life and work.

Monticello as Experiment: 'To Try All Things'

Explore Jefferson's ideas on improving various aspects of life at the Monticello house and plantation through the application of social, intellectual, economic, and technological advances.