Hemings Family Tour

See Monticello through the lens of the Hemings Family, the best documented enslaved family in the United States.

The Life of Sally Hemings exhibit

A groundbreaking new digital exhibit that relies on the words of Sally Hemings’s and Thomas Jefferson’s son, Madison, to explore her life and the legacy of freedom she achieved for her family.

Slavery at Monticello Tours

These guided outdoor tours focus on the experiences of the enslaved people who lived and labored on the Monticello plantation. Included in the price of admission.

Getting Word: African American Families of Monticello

The Getting Word Oral History Project documents the oral histories of descendants of people enslaved at Monticello. An on-site exhibit and a website tell the history of Monticello and American slavery through the stories of its survivors and their families.

Slavery at Monticello app

Meet the individuals who lived and worked on Mulberry Row, once the industrial hub and “Main Street” of Thomas Jefferson’s 5,000-acre plantation.