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Growth Type Annual
Hardiness Zones 1-10
Planting Conditions Full Sun
TJ Documented Plant No

The Anne Arundel muskmelon was grown in Anne Arundel County, Maryland, as early as 1731, and it was prominently displayed in the paintings of the famous Peale family of Philadelphia early in the 1800's. Anne Arundel appears to be a cross between a smooth skinned cantaloupe and a nutmeg-shaped muskmelon. It has a sweet, green flesh with a flavor similar to honeydew varieties, a nutmeg shape like other 18th century melons, and, when ripe, a golden yellow skin. Seed for this melon was obtained from food historian, William W. Weaver.

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Typical Blooming Dates: July - September
Colors: Yellow
Location at Monticello: Vegetable Garden Terrace

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