Teaching the Declaration of Independence

As the 250th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence approaches, Monticello remains dedicated to understanding, teaching and preserving the legacy of America’s founding document.

Honoring a Sacred Space

The foundation worked closely with descendants of Monticello’s enslaved community to preserve and honor the hallowed ground at Monticello’s Burial Ground for Enslaved People as part of a major renovation project completed this spring.

Be Inspired

Guests who have visited Thomas Jefferson’s home share some of the reasons that Monticello is meaningful to them. 

Jefferson Said It: Ball of Liberty

After the American Revolution, Thomas Jefferson spent the rest of his life arguing that it should serve as a model for freedom everywhere else in the world. 

See Monticello in a New Light

Explore indoor and outdoor spaces on the Highlights Tour, a 45-minute guided experience that reveals  Monticello’s history as a home and plantation. 

Big Clean, Small Details

Every year, Monticello’s curatorial and restoration teams undertake the “Big Clean,” where even the smallest objects around the house receive careful attention.

Monticello Photo Album

Digital media producer Ian Atkins has been taking pictures and creating videos at Monticello for more than a decade; here, he shares some of his favorites.

Something's Brewing

The art of brewing, along with its delicious results, were among Thomas Jefferson’s multitude of interests.

Flower Power

Monticello’s blooms provide a colorful history lesson.

Introducing Monticello Fine Furniture

A collaboration between Owen Suter, a sixth-generation Virginia cabinetmaker, and Monticello, bringing limited-edition, handcrafted, solid wood furniture to life.

2022 Calendar of Events

See this summer and fall's offerings, including Juneteenth and July 4 celebrations, archeology walking tours, summer camps, apple tastings, and more!

Parting Shot

This aerial photograph reveals the faithful preservation of the historic gardens and grounds achieved through document research, archaeological excavations and the hard work of the landscape and gardening teams at Monticello.