Field Jefferson (March 16, 1702 - February 10, 1765) was Thomas Jefferson's uncle, the older brother of his father, Peter Jefferson.[1] He was the third child of Thomas Jefferson (1677-1731) and Mary Field Jefferson (1679-1715).

Field Jefferson's first wife is believed to have been named Mary Frances Robertson (1706-1750). They had nine children:[2]

  • Thomas Jefferson (1733-1783)
  • Peterfield Jefferson (1735-1794)
  • Elizabeth Jefferson (1736-?)
  • Frances Jefferson (1738-1766)
  • George Jefferson (1739-1780)
  • Mary Jefferson (1740-?)
  • Judith Jefferson (1741-?)
  • John Robertson Jefferson (1742-1809)
  • Phoebe Jefferson (1743-1830) m. Alexander Clark[3]

Field Jefferson married a second time in 1753. No children were born to Field and his second wife, Mary Allen "of Albemarle County."[4]


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