Quotation: "I stretched the Constitution until it cracked."[1]

Variations: None known.

Sources consulted:

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Earliest appearance in print: A. O. Wright, An Exposition of the Constitution of the United States, 7th ed., (Madison, WI: Midland Publishing Co., 1883), 238.

Earliest appearance in print, attributed to Thomas Jefferson: See above.

Comments: This statement has not been found in the writings of Thomas Jefferson.  Most sources connect it to the Louisiana Purchase.  Many claim that it was a comment made by Jefferson to Congress in announcing the purchase (likely referring to Jefferson's Third Annual Message to Congress), but no such comment appears in that document.[2]


  1. ^ Note: The quotation usually appears without "I;" e.g. "Thomas Jefferson said that he 'stretched the Constitution until it cracked.'"
  2. ^ The Avalon Project.  Thomas Jefferson.  Third Annual Message, October 17, 1803.