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Isaac Coles (1780-1841) was Thomas Jefferson's private secretary from 1805 to 1809. He was the fifth son of Colonel John Coles II and Rebecca Elizabeth Tucker and Dolley Madison's cousin. Reportedly, the "A" in his name stood for Albemarle County and it was added to distinguish himself from an uncle and two cousins with the same name.[1] He attended the College of William and Mary and became a member of the Albemarle County bar. After serving as President Jefferson's secretary, he stayed on as James Madison's private secretary until Edward Coles could start.[2]

During the War of 1812, Isaac Coles served as a major, then lieutenant colonel, and finally a full colonel in the regular army. Late in life, Coles served in the Virginia House of Delegates (1840-1841). He married twice, first in 1823 to Louisa Gertrude Nivison (1795-1824) and then in 1830 to Juliana Stricker Rankin (1796-1876), with whom he had two children, Julia Isaetta (1831-1907) and John Stricker (1832-1909).

Isaac Coles's relationship with Thomas Jefferson was considered close. During his second term, Jefferson relied on Coles to handle important and confidential information while the president himself tried to steer a neutral course during the Napoleonic Wars. They were neighbors and their families knew one another. Also, they both were generous to one another and occasionally presented each other with gifts, including Jefferson's presentation of a Kosciuszko portrait of himself to Coles,[3] and Coles's purchase of fur-lined gloves for Jefferson in Baltimore.[4] The two exchanged agricultural items like fig plants and peaches after Coles returned to Albemarle County from his military service.[5]

Coles lived at the family plantation, Enniscorthy, in the southern part of Albemarle County. He inherited the property after his father's death in 1808, but the house was destroyed in a fire in 1839.

- Douglas Evans, "Jefferson's Neighbors," 1995​Anchor

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​Jefferson-Coles Correspondence

  • Jefferson-Coles Correspondence. Transcriptions available at Founders Online.
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  • Coles to Jefferson: Circular with Court Martial Documents. July 26, 1815. Recipient copy at the Library of Congress.

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