John Harvie (1706-1767) was, according to Thomas Jefferson biographer Dumas Malone, the "active executor" of Peter Jefferson's estate, and seems to have been responsible for providing young Thomas Jefferson with funds from the estate.

Peter Jefferson's will states: "... I do appoint Constitute & Ordain the Honorable Peter Randolph Esq., Thomas Turpin the Elder, John Nicholas, Doctor Thomas Walker & John Harvie Execrs of this my last will & Testament & Guardian to all my Children in Testimony whereof I have signed sealed & Published this as my last Will and Testament..."[1]

Interestingly, Thomas Jefferson's first surviving letter was written to John Harvie — a plea for permission to attend the College of William & Mary, to "get a more universal Acquaintance."[2]

Harvie's accounts dealing with Peter Jefferson's estate, or copies thereof, can be accessed at the Special Collections Library at the University of Virginia.[3]


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