Judith Jefferson Farrar (August 30, 1698 - 1786+) was Thomas Jefferson's paternal aunt, the oldest child of Thomas and Mary Field Jefferson. She was born on August 30, 1698, in Henrico Southside, married sometime before 1725,[1] and lived a large part of her life on the land deeded to her by her father in Henrico Southside (later part of Chesterfield County, Virginia). At some point, perhaps in the late 1750s or early 1760s, she and her husband moved to Mecklenburg County, Virginia. The exact date of Judith Farrar's death is not known, but she no longer appears in county records after 1786.

Although they were near relatives, we have no evidence of contact between Judith Farrar and Thomas Jefferson.


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  1. ^ She is named as "Judith Farrar" in her father's will of 1725.