In the Spring of 2006, the Foundation, assisted by volunteers from the APO service fraternity at the University of Virginia, opened trails into Secluded Farm, a 100-acre property to the south of Kemper Park which Monticello leases from the Thomas Jefferson Soil & Water Conservation District. Two miles of mowed paths wind through Secluded Farm's natural grasslands, and the path is suited for trail runners and dog walkers.

To reach Secluded Farm's trails, take the right-hand trail from the Trailhead Parking Lot. Soon after passing the tiny wet-land/pond, look to your right for a mowed path. Follow this path uphill. Please stay on these mowed paths, and respect the property and privacy of the residents of Secluded Farm.

Secluded Farm was originally deeded by Clara and John A. Smart to the Thomas Jefferson Soil & Water Conservation District under the stipulation that it be maintained in a state of nature.