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One of the main goals of the revamped is to provide opportunities for visitors and staff to engage in real conversations online in the same way we do in face-to-face encounters. These new features allow you to comment, tag, and favorite content on the website as you learn fascinating new things about Monticello, Thomas Jefferson, and the Foundation. Join the Monticello Community today!

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A wood chip by itself is very modest. Small in size, light-weight, it could easily be lost or thrown away. Happily, the wood chip Thomas Jefferson cut from William Shakespeare’s chair during his 1786 trip to Stratford-upon-Avon comes with an explanatory note. "A chip cut from an armed chair in the...More >>
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This is interesting.
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Very useful FAQ.
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Hello to the community! I just joined and wanted to say hello. I hope to become a regular participant with information, comments and contributions to the discussion. To learn a bit more about me you can go to my website(s). Happy to meet all of you here online. Fred, and
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. Please Note -- Sarah ("Sally") Hemings was NOT a 'Black' person! . .

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