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I would like to see more material on Queen Charlotte and George III, especially during the growth of the abolition movement in Britain and how Jefferson reacted to news (eg. Lord Mansfield's Sommersett decision of 1772.) Can we recruit characters to portray Charlotte and George? Charlotte's...more »


The tour guide certainly succeeded in not celebrating Thomas Jefferson, but failed miserably in not denigrating him. While I am not opposed to speaking the truth in all situations, I believe opinionated statements like saying Jefferson's decision to not free all his slaves was simply a "...more »


Its not fictionmore »


Dear Don, I am sorry to hear that you had a negative experience with your tour at Monticello. Our goal at the Thomas Jefferson Foundation is neither to denigrate nor celebrate Thomas Jefferson, but rather to help our visitors better understand Jefferson, his ideas, and his lasting...more »


Yes, JeffersonResearch. As footnote 1 states, the "If a nation expects to be free . . ." portion of the quote is a true Jefferson quotation. You can find it in our Jefferson Quotes and Family Letters website at...more »

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