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Would like to obtain information on how to obtain a copy or synopsis of Carol Cullen's "An Interpretative Biography of Thomas Jefferson's Granddaughter Ellen Wayles Randolph Cooledge" while Carol was a Fellow at Monticello in 2000. Thanks for any help.more »


"It arrested the intense attention of the founding elites, released the passion of normal people, reaffirmed the meaning of the Revolution, and exerted great impacts on the global community: a truly significant event in the history of the ear and the Articles of Confederation." I...more »


Hi, Tracy. There are some campgrounds nearby. If you go to this link, it has info about places to stay, including two campgrounds: Places to Stay.more »


He also wrote several books during his life, including "Letters of a British Spy" and "Sketches of the Life and Character of Patrick Henry" amongst other.more »


Having read the very balanced narrative of, I am bound to say I simply don't know. Those with strong reason to want it be one way or another are the ones most sure of themselves. more »

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