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Help the Thomas Jefferson Foundation keep Jefferson's legacy alive by supporting its broad program of education and preservation.


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Support Thomas Jefferson's Legacy

Consider the impact of a gift to the Thomas Jefferson Foundation, Inc. Our job is to advance the mission of preserving Monticello and sharing Jefferson's ideas with the public. Since 1923, this work has been possible through a combination of visitor admissions, retail sales and philanthropic support. Philanthropy is integral to our work. We flourish with your support.

Philanthropic giving enables Monticello to serve as the premier institution dedicated to illuminating the physical, intellectual and philosophical worlds of Jefferson. With a gift, you support the preservation of this iconic cultural treasure and the only home in the United States recognized as a World Heritage Site by the United Nations. Our preservation work includes restoration and interpretation of the house and grounds, and new acquisitions of Jeffersonian objects—all serving to strengthen the Monticello experience. Your gift also allows us to share Jefferson's enduring ideas with people of all ages and from around the world.

Each year nearly half a million people come to visit the home of the American founding father who drafted the Declaration of Independence, making his mark on the country. With your support, we're able to engage and educate school students and a wide public audience through education and outreach programs. We hope you will decide to partner with us so we can continue communicating the genius of Jefferson, on his mountaintop and beyond.

Philanthropy Making a Difference

Student Programs

Over 56,000 students visited Monticello in 2009 to learn about Jefferson and his legacy. Your support helps us educate learners of all ages about the significance of Monticello, Jefferson, and his ideas.
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Heritage Harvest Festival

The Heritage Harvest Festival brings the community to Monticello to celebrate one of Jefferson's passions—agriculture and gardening. The Heritage Harvest Festival takes place annually each September.
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