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The Fruit Gardens

Overview of Fruits at Monticello

Jefferson's fruit gardens provided "precious refreshment" and served as part of his garden laboratory where he grew over 150 varieties of 31 of the finest temperate species of fruit.

The Site of The Fruit Gardens

Monticello's fruit gardens consisted of two orchards, two small neighboring vineyards, berry "squares," and several other plantings around the mountaintop.

The South Orchard

The South Orchard, just below the Vegetable Garden, featured the most diverse selection of fruits at Monticello.


The Vineyards

Jefferson strived to add grape culture to Monticello and planted several varieties of both European and American species.

The Nurseries and Fruit Propagation

Monticello's Nurseries were a sanctuary for Jefferson's favorite trees and shrubs and a proving ground for new plants.



One of my favorite parts of working at Monticello in the spring and summer is seeing the orchards every day. Snowy white apple blossoms and delicate pink cherry blossoms greet me on my way to the archaeology lab every day in the spring. In the summer, the apples, peaches, grapes, apricots, and other fruits grow and ripen every day with the promise of juicy fruits that will soon be ready to eat. A stroll through this part of the garden is a must-see at Monticello.

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