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A collection of interviews, talks, events, and interactive features related to Jefferson, Monticello, and the work of the Thomas Jefferson Foundation.

Visit Monticello

Discover the genius of Jefferson, the author of the Declaration of Independence, and third president of the United States at his beautiful mountaintop home.

Monticello Sits Down With

Authors, scientists, diplomats, musicians, and more find inspiration in Thomas Jefferson's legacy and his mountaintop home. In this series, some of Monticello's notable visitors share their thoughts on Jefferson's lasting global impact and his influence on their lives.



Latest podcasts: Jefferson and the Diplomatic Corps, Thomas Jefferson, a Personal View by Alan Alda




Browse sets of photos from Monticello's Flickr photostream.



Online Exhibits

Monticello Explorer

A really cool virtual tour of the house with 3-D models, animations, and details on people, spaces, and places.

Build Your Own House

Find out what makes Monticello neoclassical and design your own house. Name it and send it to a friend!


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