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Featured: Interview with Dave Matthews
On Speaking at Monticello's 51st Annual Naturalization Ceremony


Independence Day and Naturalization Ceremony with Dave Matthews


Tour Thomas Jefferson's Monticello
Thomas Jefferson, third president, philosopher, scientist, historian, and author of the Declaration of the Independence, helped establish the foundations of self-government and individual freedom we know today. Jefferson's words—the Declaration and his more than 19,000 letters—and his architecture—including Monticello and the University of Virginia— provide a lens for scholars and visitors today to view the beginnings of early America.

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Thomas Jefferson's Spurious Quotes

Monticello's Research Librarian, Anna Berkes, talks about her experiences to researching and listing the misquoting of Thomas Jefferson. (Produced in 2012). Check out a related article in The Wall Street Journal.

Hard cider, an old US favorite, makes a comeback

Story by Agence France-Presse, released December 7, 2012. (View French language version)

Alice Waters Visits Jefferson's Monticello

Revolutionary chef Alice Waters visits Thomas Jefferson's Monticello in Charlottesville, VA to prepare a meal in Jefferson's kitchen, with chef Scott Peacock. (Produced in 2012)

Getting Word: African American Families of Monticello

A three-minute video about Getting Word, a project to identify the descendants of Monticello's enslaved community and collect their oral histories. Begun in 1993, the Monticello's researchers have interviewed nearly 180 individuals and will share their research through a website that will launch in late January 2012.




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Monticello and the International Center for Jefferson Studies hosts a wide variety of talks given by Jefferson and Jefferson-era scholars visiting from around the country, and several more that make up the Thomas Jefferson Foundation staff. The talks are generally free and open to the public, but if you missed one, stop by this page. You'll find a collection of these videotaped talks reflecting on Jefferson's retirement period, his slaves, his gardens, his family, politics, religion, diplomacy, cookery, and a slew of other intriguing topics, presented by speakers that have included Annette Gordon-Reed, Lucia Stanton, Peter Hatch, Joanne B. Freeman, Christopher Hitchens, David McCullough, I.M. Pei, Andrew Burstein, and many more.
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