Research & Collections

Through a network of scholars, teachers and resources, the Thomas Jefferson Foundation engages a global audience in a dialogue about Jefferson's ideas and establishes relationships with people from around the world.

Robert H. Smith International Center for Jefferson Studies
A multidisciplinary research center supporting the ongoing international study of Thomas Jefferson and his world.

Global Research and Outreach
Monticello engages a global audience in a dialogue about Thomas Jefferson's ideas through a network of scholars, teachers, and resources.

Research Tools
Find out what you need to know with over 1,000 scholarly articles, a specialized library collection, an archive of Jefferson family letters, and several specialized databases.

Papers of Thomas Jefferson: Retirement Series
Creating the definitive edition of Thomas Jefferson's letters and papers for the period from 1809 to 1826 in letterpress and digital forms.

Monticello Archaeology
Dedicated to studying and preserving Monticello's archaeological record, and to deciphering its meaning through comparative research.

Jefferson Library
A gateway and open-access catalog to information on Thomas Jefferson and his life, times, and legacy.

Preserving, studying, and presenting a unique collection of objects related to Thomas Jefferson, his family, and their lives at Monticello.

The Men Who Lost America
A new look at the men who directed the British war efforts in America by Monticello's Andrew Jackson O'Shaughnessy.