Jeffersonian dinners usually had two courses, serving between eight and 32 dishes followed by a wine course. You can follow in this American tradition by hosting your own Feast of Reason with any combination of food and guests.

Bring a taste of Monticello to your table

Recipes and Videos

Below are four recipes from Monticello to add some historic flavor to your own Feast of Reason. Download and print the PDFs for your recipe book or follow along with the videos below.
How to make Baked Macaroni & Cheese
How to make Chocolate Cream
How to make Savoy Biscuits
How to make Monticello Muffins

Digital Version

For Educators
In 2024, New American History collaborated with Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello to share a digitized version of the Feast of Reason. Host your own “Jeffersonian dinner” in the dorm or classroom, around the family dinner table, in a video chat, or any social space. Promote civil discourse across generations or across the miles! Explore