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"Slavery at Monticello: Life and Work on Mulberry Row" is available for iOS and Android devices at


Reviews and comments on the Slavery at Monticello app

Featured as a "Best New App" on the App Store, May 7 -15, 2015

Bronze: 2016 Muse Award, Mobile Applications

Finalist: 2016 Webby Award, Cultural Instutions: Mobile Applications 

Nominee: 2016 Pixel Award, Arts and Culture

Silver: 2015 W3 Awards, Mobile Features - Best Use of GPS/Location Technology

“In the world of TEACHER MIRACLES, this app is right up near the top the miracles list...This app will benefit my students immensely. It will provide them with concise information about each of the slaves that are part of the assignment. The information is presented in engaging ways. In addition to hearing narration about a topic, the students can also read along. THAT IS HUGE FOR STUDENTS THAT STRUGGLE WITH THE READING COMPREHENSION.” Larry Dorenkamp, North Hills Middle School, Pittsburgh, PA

An App Tells Painful Stories Of Slaves At Monticello's Mulberry Row, NPR's All Tech Considered blog, Aug. 2, 2015

"The app is superb.  It addresses a sensitive top in manner that is thorough, complex, yet accessible to the general public." -- App Store Reviewer, May 8, 2015