The Declaration and the Committee of Five

A look at the group of the five delegates from five colonies—John Adams of Massachusetts, Roger Sherman of Connecticut, Robert Livingston of New York, Benjamin Franklin of Pennsylvania, and Thomas Jefferson of Virginia—selected to write and edit this important document; known as the Committee of Five.

Jefferson's Words: Two Declarations

Listen to what one historian hailed as "the most extraordinarily interesting document in American history": Jefferson's Rough Draft of the Declaration of Independence. In this edition, we offer the final version and Jefferson's draft which includes a different "We hold these truths . . . " statement as well as a biting condemnation of the slave trade. Bill Barker, who interprets Thomas Jefferson for Colonial Williamsburg, reads both (added to Monticello Podcasts on December 28, 2005; approx. 9 min. and 12 min., resp.).