Tufton Rose Border

Bed #1: Outer double border parallel to fence. 

(Listing is from left to right, beginning with the farthest point from
the barn. f = front row, b = back row)

  • b Rosa cinnamomea 'Plena' Double Cinnamon, Whitsundtide Rose pre 1600
  • f R. gallica 'Versicolor' Rosa Mundi ancient
  • b R. gallica 'Agathe Incarnata' circa 1800
  • f Gallica Hybrid "Elegant Gallica"
  • b Alba Hybrid "Lowe's Maxima"
  • f Gallica Hybrid "Millbrook Rose"
  • b R. gallica 'Hippolyte' early 19th C
  • f R. damascena 'Quatre Saisons Blanc Mousseux' ancient
  • b R. alba 'Great Maiden's Blush' 15th C
  • f R. gallica 'Charles de Mills' ancient
  • b R. moschata plena Double Musk
  • f R. centifolia 'White Provence' 1775
  • b R. harisonii 'Harison's Yellow' 1846
  • f Noisette Rose 'Champney's Pink Cluster' 1811
  • b R. spinosissima 'Scotch Briar' pre 1600
  • f R. gallica 'Officinalis' Apothecary Rose ancient

Harrison's Yellow Rose

Bed #2: Inner border parallel to boxwood clump. Listing from left to right

NW Corner of Nursery -- inside fence, left to right

Outside of fence, left to right

  • b R. canina x R. gallica 'Maxima' 15th C
  • f R. gallica 'Cardinal de Richelieu' 1840
  • b R. chinensis 'Fellemberg' 1857
  • f Hybrid Perpetual 'Marquise Bocella' or 'Jacques Cartier' 1868
  • b Pink Moss Rose
  • f R. gallica 'Tuscany Superb' 1848
  • b R. pendulina Alpine Rose, Spineless Virgin circa 1700
  • f Gallica Hybrid 'Empress Josephine' early 19th C
  • b Damask Moss Rose 'William Lobb' 1855
  • f R. x centifolia 'Shailer's Provence' 1790
  • b Gallica-China Hybrid 'Juno' 1832
  • f Gallica Hybrid "Elegant Gallica" from Wyck
  • b R. spinosissima 'Lutea' Yellow Scotch Briar Rose
  • f Damask Hybrid "Royal Four Seasons"
  • b R. alba 'Queen of Denmark' 1826
  • f R. gallica 'Pompon de Bourgogne' pre 1664
  • b R. x centifolia 'White Bath' 1817
  • f R. virginiana 'Plena' 'Rose D'Amour' pre 1870
  • b Damask Rose 'Celsiana' pre 1750
  • f R. x centifolia 'Chapeau de Napoleon' 1826
  • b R. setigera x R. gallica 'Baltimore Belle' 1843
  • f R. x damascena 'Blush Damask' ancient
  • b R. setigera 'The Prairie Rose' 1810
  • f Rosa gallica Belle Isis 1845
  • b R. chinensis Bon Silene (died) 1839
  • f R. foetida bicolor 'Austrian Copper' pre 16th C
  • b Hybrid Perpetual Rose 'Baroness Rothschild' 1868
  • f R. foetida persiana 'Persian Yellow' 1837
  • b Hybrid Perpetual Rose 'General Jacqueminot' 1853
  • f R. chinensis 'Safrano' 1839
    • b R. roxburgii' Chestnut Rose' 1814
    • f R. moschata 'The Musk Rose' ancient
    • f R. chinensis 'Viridiflora' 'The Green Rose' circa 1833
    • b Hybrid Perpetual Rose 'Reine des Violettes' 1860
    • f R. carolina Carolina Rose 1826
    • b R. x centifolia 'Rose de Meaux' pre 1789
    • f Gallica-hybrid Moss 'Lanei' 1854
    • b Damask Rose 'Comtesse de Murinais' 1843
    • f Noisette Rose 'Blush Noisette' 1825
    • b Damask Rose 'Blanchefleur' 1835
    • f R. chinensis 'Slater's Crimson China' 1792
    • b Hybrid Perpetual Rose 'Baronne Prevost' 1842
    • f R. chinensis 'Hermosa' 1840
    • b R. rugosa Salt Spray Rose 1796
    • f R. rubrifolia Red-leaved Rose 1830
    • f R. roxburgii 'Chestnut Rose' (from Poplar Forest) 1814
    • f Bourbon Rose 'Honorine de Brabant'
    • b R. gallica 'Belle de Crecy' mid-19th C
    • f R. gallica 'Camaieux' 1830
    • R. x noisettiana 'Champney's Pink Cluster' 1811
    • R. eglanteria Sweet Briar Rose ancient
    • R. virginiana1807
    • R. x damascena 'Celsiana' pre 1750