Upstairs at Monticello

Get a glimpse into the lives of those who lived and labored in the bedrooms and out-of-the-way corners of Monticello, which most visitors never get to see.

Gardens of Monticello's Enslaved Families

Enslaved laborers kept Monticello’s 5,000-acre agriculture enterprise running. They also tended their own gardens to provide food for their families and produce to sell.

Be Inspired

A visit to Monticello can be a life-changing experience. Learn about the ways that spending time on the mountaintop inspired a number of notable guests.

Travels with Jefferson

Jefferson’s journeys took him to places such as Philadelphia, Washington, and Paris — all at a much slower pace than what we’re accustomed to today.

Branching Out

Trees are integral to the Monticello experience, and it takes a team to look after them year-round.