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F. stable

ca. 1793–ca. 1831

Animated 3D model showing what the stable would have looked like when it was first built, around 1793. Jefferson described it as a wooden structure, “105. f. long and 12. f. wide, one story high.”  In 1808, a series of stone buildings was added to this wooden structure. Today, only the stone buildings remains.

Digital Model of the Log Stable circa 1793Expanded Stable circa 1816

This building housed Jefferson’s prized riding and carriage horses, as well as the occasional mule or milk cow.  Built around 1793, the stable was a linked log structure “105. f. long and 12. f. wide, one story high. all of wood” that likely resembled the form of the “smokehouse and dairy.”  In 1808, this log structure was incorporated into an L-shaped stone stable built by the hired white stonemason William Maddox.  Enslaved hostlers, including Jupiter Evans and Wormley Hughes, cared for and fed the horses, mules and cows stabled here.  They were also responsible for the maintenance of Jefferson’s saddles, harnesses, and carriages.

Enslaved hostlers:

Coachman, Gardener, Hostler

Coachman, Hostler, Gardener.  1781–1858.  Learn more about Wormley Hughes’ life history.


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