It's All in the Details

Jefferson’s curiosity was famously broad, and he developed an impressive storehouse of knowledge about agriculture, science, weather, food, wine, politics, architecture and law — to name a few of his interests.

Focusing In

From the overall design of the house to the smallest details, Jefferson carefully designed Monticello to elevate American taste, calling it his “essay in Architecture.”

Jefferson and Franklin: An Enlightened Friendship

Thomas Jefferson and his “great and dear friend” Benjamin Franklin, whose work and ideals Jefferson respected and championed for a half century after their first meeting, stand like two pillars of the American Enlightenment.

Also in this issue: "Reading the Declaration," "Summertime on the Mountaintop," "News and Notes," "Digging into the Past," "Happy Birthday! Jefferson Library," "Remembering Tom Saunders," "For Future Reference," "Back Home: Recent Acquisitions," and our 2022-2023 Events Calendar.

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