Monticello is, and always has been, a work in progress. Our Restoration Department is responsible for the preservation, conservation, and accurate interpretation of the mountaintop's historic and reconstructed buildings.

What We Do

Sharing History - Restoring an American Icon

Monticello today is an international icon of architecture. But it wasn't always so. How that all changed is a story of remarkable careers, passionate dedication, economic challenges, and innovative approaches that have made Jefferson's home one of the most enduring places in American imagination.


Over 100 Years of Restoration

Since 1923, the Thomas Jefferson Foundation has been committed to preserving and restoring Monticello so the house and historic landscapes appear as they did in Thomas Jefferson's later years.

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Thomas Jefferson and Architecture

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Monticello is the autobiographical masterpiece of Thomas Jefferson—designed and redesigned and built and rebuilt for more than forty years. Learn More

Preserving Monticello

Virtual Tour of Monticello

Interested in seeing more of Monticello's collection? Check out one of our virtual tours of the first floor.

Curatorial Department

Object Collections
Monticello's restoration staff works closely with our curatorial colleagues - find out more on how they acquire, study, preserve, and publicly present objects in the Thomas Jefferson Foundation's extensive collection. Learn More