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Allycroker, foaled in 1758, was one of Thomas Jefferson's earliest recorded riding horses.  Inherited from John Wayles, she became one of Jefferson's primary breeding mares.  Her foals included Cucullin, Alfred, Caractacus, and Orra Moor.[1]

"Ally Croker" was a popular eighteenth-century Irish folk song.[2]

Her date of death is unknown, but there are no references to her in Jefferson's records after 1778.

Primary Source References

1775 May 7.  "Allycroker's colt by young Fearnought was foaled May 7."[3]

1777 October 17.  "Besides the above 6 mares, Allycroker is still unpaid for.  She was ensured."[4]

1778 May 3.  "Pd. Colo. T. M. Randolph in full £47-9-3.  Note £3. of the above was for Mr. Wayles's estate for putting Allycroker to Partner.[5]

1778 June 2.  "Pd. Wm. Dandridge for ensuring Allycroker to his horse last year £6-10."[6]

Further Sources


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